Products that resonate with our ethos

For over 40 years, Bryanston Organic & Natural Market has focussed on conscious living and on the choices that we make to ensure the sustainability of the soil, plants, animals and the planet.

We promote products and activities which support the healing of the earth and its people. Our holistic, supportive community environment encompasses our customers, farmers, stallholders, online suppliers, artists, crafters and musicians in relationships shaped by collaboration, transparency and responsibility.

How do we select products for the Bryanston Organic & Natural Market and its online shop?

All new products entering the market and online shop do so with the approval of our Product Selection Committee. Products are assessed against criteria of acceptance that resonate with the ethos of the market. In this way, we are able to be open and transparent with customers on the products offered by our market and online shop. Each product is tracked down to its ingredients and raw materials and to the origin of these ingredients and raw materials. Building a personal relationship with each online supplier forms part of our product selection process.

How do we challenge ourselves and keep up the standard?

A network of forums creates regular collaboration between the market and the stallholders. These forums focus on observing the ethos of the market through community building, learning and knowledge sharing. Solutions are sought to the challenges facing the stallholders in each product segment. Members of the different forums take on research projects and feed back and share their findings to the group. We believe that it is the work done in these forums that sets us apart from other markets and similar businesses.

Artists, Crafters & Jewellers Guild
Aims to promote the members of the Guild as leaders in their field of creative art. Inspired by nature and the world around them, they strive for originality and uniqueness of style and quality of production.

Textile Stallholder Forum
Aims to source good quality natural fabrics and materials with CMT processes that support skills development, job creation and fair trade

Delicatessen Stallholder Forum
Aims to provide ethically sourced, natural and healthy food to our customers, free from added chemical preservatives and additives

Restaurant Stallholder Forum
Aims to create an environment of appreciation and acclaim for our restaurant stalls while being true to the organic and natural spirit of the market

The work done in these forums applies to the product segements of both, the market and its online shop.

How do we ensure organic fresh produce?

Our community based Bryanston Market PGS (Participatory Guarantee System)
ensures that the fresh produce sold in the market is grown in line with organic agricultural principles. Annual appraisal visits are carried out by the PGS group to the supplying farms and production sites.