Bryanston Organic Market

+27(11) 706 3671 | 40 Culross rd, Bryanston, Johannesburg | Open on Thursday & Saturday from 9am to 3pm


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... and your organic veggies and fruit grown in and on fertile and healthy soil.

Why choose organic fresh produce? Because the practise of chemical agriculture requires continued inputs and a subsequent dependency on the companies that manufacture chemical fertilisers and pesticides. The poisons in this method of agriculture have detrimental effects on biodiversity - insects, plants and micro-organisms - on the health of workers and communitites living in close proximity to these farms and consumers.
Organic agriculture is a proven contributor in reducing the effects of climate change. Healthy soil is the primary focus of organic agriculture. A living soil rich in organic matter is able to store significantly more carbon than soil stripped of life by agrochemicals.

Bryanston Market loves working and collaborating with their supplying farmers. It is a living community that follows organic agricultural principles and certifies its famers on the basis of PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) to assure the organic integrity of the products. This system is based on six basic elements that unite a PGS community: Shared Vision, Participation, Transparency, Trust, Learning Process, Horizontality. In fact, these principles do not only apply within the farming community but within our market community in general :)

Come and enjoy the organic fresh produce from the market and meet Christa from Christa's Corner, Liz from our PGS stall and Anjali from Wensleydale Farms. Your number one stop for all things organic, every Thursday and Saturday from 9am to 3pm.