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WannaBee and all things propolis

Norman's Story......

Started beekeeping as a hobby in 2012 and soon found myself doing retrievals from peoples properties. I built my apiary up to about twenty swarms and started spinning honey for the family. Besides the blessing of having pure honey, I discovered this sticky blackish brown substance called propolis. The smell was amazing and aromatic. Something I had never smelled before in my life. This was gold!
After much research on propolis and its benefits, I stared harvesting and processing it into products and in the process cured myself from bad psoriasis on my back.
Today I supply many private persons and bee shops, health shops, doctors and so on.
My Propolis products are made by myself from start to finish and are of the highest saturation and quality you can hope for.
Bees have hardly any immune system – propolis is their immune system, their protector!

Regards … Norman C. Venn

Find Norman at his Stall "WannaBee" every Thursday & Saturday 9am - 3pm